Lining Up The Stumps: A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on the IPL

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It’s safe to say that the introduction of the T20 format revolutionized the game of cricket, with its ability to satiate the demands of a shorter pastime gaining favor with fans and sponsors of the sport alike. The crisper, more exciting version has emerged as a strong contender for popular sports such as football and basketball over the last few years, sometimes even taking precedence over ODIs and test matches. This is particularly true of its most exciting representation – The Indian Premier League, consisting of eight teams battling it out in order to to be crowned champions.

This has also naturally seen this format of the game emerge as a natural attraction for punters, offering a wide variety of betting options. The first step to understanding potential instances where you can upset the odds and increase your winnings is to identify play patterns and, by extension, betting openings that may otherwise not be apparent.

If you’re entirely new to the sport, or this iteration of the sport, T20 follows basic cricketing principles of two teams of eleven taking turns both batting and bowling, with the team batting second required to chase down the run total posted by the team batting first. This is made easier in the first six overs (or ‘The Power Play’ phase) where only two fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle, compared to the subsequent overs where five fielders patrol the fences.

Although T20 has increased the unpredictability of cricket overall, there are still a few tried and trusted methods to boost your chances of spotting a cheeky punt.

Breaking down betting odds and value

Odds and probability go hand in hand in cricket betting. If the odds offered on a particular team to win the game is 1.50, it automatically implies a 66% chance of that outcome becoming a reality. If, in such a scenario, you perceive a higher value (eg: You think that team is likely to win the game 8 times out of ten, or roughly 80% of the time), logic dictates that you should go ahead and place the bet. Understanding this dynamic between odds and value will help you read the stakes and establish secure bets.

Betting Tips – Spotting a cheeky punt

Bookies offer betting options on a wide range of occurrences within a cricket game, some of which fluctuate back and forth unpredictably as the game goes through multiple twists and turns. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Match Outcome

A pretty straightforward betting option, but value-heavy nevertheless, betting on match outcomes are a smart way to wet your foot if you’re new to this lark, something to test the waters before you go all guns blazing. Who do you think is more likely to take the game? Which team do you think are more balanced and look better placed to nick the win?

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The franchise and bidding nature of the IPL presents a constant problem here, as teams are almost always equally strong across the lineup, leaving little room for squad analyses and predictions. But, as always, there’s no better method than keenly following games and teams, their approach, and their recent results to keep you informed on their relative strengths and weaknesses. Momentum is an important weapon in T20, and teams usually tend to go on extremely consistent winning/losing runs as games start coming thick and fast.

2. Boundaries and Run Totals

Now, boundaries and run totals are two entities that fall under the ‘constantly fluctuating’ category, making them close to impossible to predict accurately. Bookies usually offer a over/under method of punting on these components, in order to allow for a certain margin of error either way. The dynamic nature of these markets also add to the overall chaos. For example, the odds on a huge predicted total might be slashed in minutes in the team in question are involved in a shocking, non-anticipated collapse.

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Here’s where an extensive knowledge on grounds, squads and individual players enters the equation. Certain types of pitches allow for high scoring games, while certain conditions are more conducive for bowlers. Dew-laden pitches might effectively render spinners redundant, while games that begin in the late evening might favour chasing sides due to the presence of night dew making things difficult for the bowlers late on.

Similarly, certain players, or sloggers, are prone to extremely ballistic heavy hitting on a highly consistent basis, making it increasingly likely that they’ll single handedly carry their team to a huge total, posting an unusually high number of boundaries in the process. Rolling the dice on these outliers might work out more often than not, representing a cheeky gamble.

3. Man of the Match

Fairly self explanatory, the man of the match angle lets you predict who you think will be the standout player in the fixture. Although it sounds complicated and seemingly impossible having to pick one player out of 22, clever and selective filtering will help you rule out close to half of these options, leaving you with a few likely options who are capable of putting in performances that can single handedly wrest the game away from the opposition.

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Again, certain standout performers tend to emerge as the tournament goes on and teams start to build momentum, and these should be your natural picks if you’re planning to bet in this market. In cruelly funny fashion, cricket also has its fair share of bogey players and bogey teams, resulting in certain players usually performing well in certain fixtures, a trend you should start noticing fairly quickly. Death bowlers, pinch hitters and tail end sloggers are obvious picks due to their ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck and decide their team’s fate. You can also choose to ignore statistics and patterns and instead choose to go with a wildcard pick, betting on a lesser fancied bowler or middle order batsman to upset the apple cart and snatch the award away for himself.

So there you go, three top betting angles for you to explore and punt on. Happy Betting!