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Betting is very popular all over the globe. However, online betting in India may be difficult due to regulatory ambiguity and the newness of the Indian betting industry. People may not know where to bet, where to get bonuses, which payment methods can be used – or even how to bet on their favorite sport in general!

We at want to provide guidance on what the global sports betting market has to offer and how people can bet “successfully” from the comfort of their homes. The quotation marks are there to remind you of an important fact: betting involves a great deal of chance even if you know what you’re doing. Whether you need assistance with creating your account on a betting site, information on different payment methods (Skrill, bank wire etc.) or easy-to-understand tips on cricket and other sports you like – we’ve got your back. Below are our main points dedicated to players from India; feel free to explore our site for more in-depth betting info when you are ready to begin your hunt!

There are already multiple betting sites and casinos available to Indian players. The games offered often include everything from football and horse racing to cricket. Cricket is naturally the most popular betting sport in India. Having a bet pending on your home team winning can bring some extra-excitement to the game!

Basics of Betting Odds

Depending on the country, people are used to different formats of odds. As the odds most often are in decimals, we will show you a basic breakdown below. In our opinion, the decimal format is the easiest to understand:

What the numbers below signify is the amount of (in the case of Indian) Rupees that would be won per each Rupee placed as a bet on one of the teams:
Kings XI Punjab 1.50
Mumbai Indians 2.10

For every Rs bet on the Kings winning, the player would get a return of 1.5 Rs. For example, if 1000 Rs is placed on the Kings winning and Kings end up winning, the return will be 1500 Rs. Of that win, 1000 Rs is the return of the stake and the remaining 500 Rs would be the profit. Following this logic, it might seem that it is a better move to bet on the Indians, as the returns are bigger (2.10). Higher odds however mean higher risk – the bookmaker thinks that Mumbai Indians are less likely to win the match. If you are still brave enough to bet on Mumbai Indians, the return will then obviously be larger as well.

Cricket Betting

Betting on the match outcome is not the only type of bet available. All operators are different, but you can expect to find at least the following types of bets:
Match Outcome – Which team will win – plain and simple.
Most Sixes – Which team will get the most sixes in a match?
Most Runs – This is not about the team, but about the players. Which player will have the most runs in that match? Odds for bets such as this are often a lot higher, as there are more options: Instead of just picking out of 2 teams, you are picking your choice out of multiple options.

Perhaps instead of bets like this, you are already thinking in January that you have an idea of who will take that year’s IPL Trophy home. Most operators offer betting markets that might go by the name “Outright Winner”, “Tournament Winner” or something similar. These bets can be made weeks or months in advance just to wait and see in May if your hunch was correct. For cricket, the options often don’t end in IPL, but can include for example, the Asia Cup, ICC or the World Cup.

How To Start?

There are a few important things to be aware of when betting in India. It is not illegal, per se, but there are some restrictions when it comes to bookmakers and deposits.

On our site there is a list of bookmakers that accept players from India – check here (UPCOMING SOON…) for more details on which ones are live. Our aim is to simply provide information about the operators – so do remember that all of them have their own Terms & Conditions that need to be agreed to when creating an account.

The action list is the following:

  • Choose a bookie, preferably one that allows payments in Rupees.
  • Register an account with the chosen bookie – NOTE! Be prepared that the operator might need to verify your identity at some point due to anti-money laundering legislation. In general what is needed to have is: A Valid email address, valid ID, proof of physical address (utility bill is what is commonly asked), 18+ age, possibility to prove that the payment method used is yours (e.g. showing a screenshot of bank account, which shows that you are the holder of that account. Don’t need to show them account balance or anything like that!) – some providers may only request the info at withdrawal but this is operator specific and you should always check their T&C’s.
  • Choose the correct deposit method! When depositing in India, the most popular way to deposit are eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller, as there may be problems with using normal credit cards or bank transfers.

How To Deposit

As betting happens with a stake, the player will need to deposit money to be able to bet. Plenty of operators let you manage your account in US Dollars or other universally used currency, but if available, the recommendation from India is to use Rupees.

Visa and Mastercard are another choice of deposit method. However, it is unusual for betting sites to offer this option for Indian customers, and due to regulatory concerns, e-wallets might be the only way for an Indian player to deposit and withdraw in Rupees.

Neteller and Skrill are the most used and trusted of these wallets. Entropay is another popular choice, which sometimes may be easier for Indian players to set up.

Neteller is a very popular payment option as they are regulated by the UK’s Financial Service Authority. Neteller is also used by many freelancers and consultants in India.

These e-wallets have their own terms & conditions, so we advise to review these as well. Please note that the e-wallets also may need info on the player as is the case with the Operators and the Player may be asked the same info by the e-wallet provider.

Bonuses & Offers for Indian players

Online betting sites are constantly competing against each other to gain and retain customers. This benefits players as sites will always have offers and bonuses. The majority of these will be in the form of deposit bonuses or free bets. It is always a good idea to review the promotions of various sites to find the one that you will get the most out of. The operators always have terms and conditions for each type of bonus, but here’s a heads-up for the most common type – the welcome bonus:

The Player might be offered a 100-200% bonus on your first deposit. This basically means that in the case of a 100% bonus if you deposit 1000 Rs, you will get an extra 1000 Rs on your player account, making the total balance 2000 Rs. This however does not mean that you were given free money – the bonuses often have conditions, which are listed in the terms and conditions. The conditions might for example include a “wagering requirement”. If the terms seem unclear, the Player should contact the operator’s customer support, which often is easily available via live chat.

Is It Legal To Bet?

Online betting in India is somewhat of a grey area. Officially, betting is not illegal in certain jurisdictions, but it is a highly restricted industry in general. The laws in place today provide little clear regulation and so some unofficial and ’underground’ bookmakers have taken advantage of the confusion.

The primary law to be aware of is the Public Gambling Act that was introduced in 1867 – so more than a little outdated! The act banned casino gambling, defining it as a game of luck rather than skill. This leaves sports betting in a legally ambiguous grey area.

Sikkim State – Sports betting haven
The ambiguity around sports betting has meant that it is up to the individual states to interpret the Act how they wish. This is, for example, why Sikkim State has become somewhat of a sports betting haven.

Another law to be aware of is the Foreign Exchange Management Act, which states that it is illegal to use any currencies other than Rupees.

The Government has recently announced that they will be looking to fully legalise online betting. However, they will also be restricting the number of bets and amounts wagered for each Player.